Monday, March 31, 2008


There are times in our lives when we feel, are sure, we are invisible. Yesterday was one of those.

I have been very involved in Church since my teens years. I have known and been known by most everyone in the Churches I was involved in. I have taught kids, teens, women's small groups and led some very successful teen quiz teams. People knew me, I worked for the Lord in His Church. I have been a Pastor's wife, again doing all of the above.

But, yesterday, after I took two of my outstanding grandchildren to their classes I was invisible. I was nobody. I walked in to the sanctuary looking for a seat. There were plenty, the crowd of Easter had retreated to their normal routine. I sat down, alone. I looked around for someone to join....pass, no one available. I invited a couple of ladies to join me as they came in, but they passed.

At greeting time, a couple of people shook my and welcomed me like I was a visitor. No, I didn't know them either. Invisible....

After a short, okay, not so short, pity party I realized. I am not invisible. God formed me. God has used me and still uses me. I don't need to sit with someone to be important and useful to God. He knows, me I know Him. Like Queen Esther, I have had my time to be an important part of God's Kingdom. Now I may not have an influence in the Church, but I have an influence none the less. I have a husband, three great children and three wonderful kids-in-law and five outstanding, wonderful, super talented grandchildren. I have a very important job. I can be invisible in Church but I am Queen Susie. I have a job to do for God.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Jump

For awhile, it seems my husband and I have been sitting in neutral. Neutral, no gear, no movement. Unless backwards, as can happen in neutral. Things are getting dull. Dull and dead. Dull. dead and boring. No movement. I have known this wasn't good. I mentally told my self this wasn't good. But, I only listened and didn't act.

But, through everyday living, progress of time and the extreme generosity of family we have jumped. We now have an ipod, a digital camera, wireless network, a new laptop, and a Wii. Yes, I said a wii---much to the delight of our grandsons and son-in-laws.

So, I guess it is time for me to do another jump. Re awake my brain. I am now a blogger.
Enough said.

We will see how it goes. I will attempt not brag too much about my wonderful grandchildren. But I may expose you to countless pictures when I get advanced enough to do so. But, I intend to share devotional thots and articles often. I have missed being a pastors wife and aiding other women on the journey.

Until next time. Susie