Monday, April 28, 2008


If I did it right, I have added a picture of my parents and brothers and sisters at Dad's birthday last summer.

Renewing My Challegne

It is hard to believe that over two weeks have passed since I blogged. It does take time to establish new habits. I think as we get older it takes even longer.

And, as I haven't kept up with my blog and encouragement for you in our 30 day challenge, I have 'fallen off the wagon." (Translation, I failed, miserably, in fulfilling the challenge.) But I am going to try again, and again,... hopefully, each time I start again because of failure it will be longer and longer apart. I ask you join me again.

If any of you want to share with me, but not in the comments, I have two email accounts: and . feel free to write to me on either one.

Check out following for even more help on the road of being a better wife:

Friday, April 11, 2008


Sorry, I stand correction; I posted the email address instead of the website. The website is :

Thanks for joining me.


30 day challegne for wives

When I had been married long enough to have 3 kids I decided my husband had a lot of faults that I wanted fixed, now. I wrote to an older Christian woman who had a great marriage for advice on how to get him in line. She advised me to make a list of all his good points, but none of his But it is exactly what I need to do. And Nancy Lea DeMoss on her current program is addressing the same issues. And I challenge all of my married women friends to take this challenge with me for the next month. you can read or listen

Let's have fun on this leg of our journey.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring has sprung

My youngest grandson was not excited about going to the basement alone because of spiders. I told him that the spiders were sleeping and wouldn't come out until the yellow flowers bloomed. When I called him and informed him the yellow flowers where blooming, he informed me, "No they aren't..." spoken with a slight tenor of fear in his voice. Thankfully we have gotten over that fear. The cats and dog are also thankful, as it is his chore to feed the animals when he is here and the food is stored in the basement.

BUT there are more wonderful signs of spring. Saturday I found a half dozen beautiful violets in the flower bed. Sunday twice that amount of purple ones and a few white ones had joined them.
Leaving for Church Sunday morning, two red wing black birds where singing along Wilson Rd.

AND the grass, it is ever green and getting tall. Maybe I should mow today--I would be the first in the neighborhood. Not sure if that is goal I want to win.

The forsythia is ready to burst forth. (And no, I don't buy that old farmers tale that there are three more snows after the forsythia blooms.)

I did not miss the robins, they winter over on the other side of Wilson Rd and we often see them in January or February.

Happy Spring

Friday, April 4, 2008