Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Sweet Date

Esther Faith's discharge was taking wa-a-a-a-ay longer than anticipated and Isaac was home alone....till his Mimi snagged him for a date. A sweet date.

I had called it and informed him that we were going on a date. But 10 year olds haven't got the total picture of dating--so after the order was placed at Tim Horton's it was my wallet that was used (along with my last Lincoln) to acquire our sweet treats. (the Tim Horton lady felt sorry me and gave a senior citizen discount--still not used to that).

We found a not so cozy seat and shared our drinks and timbits. Isaac tried the candy cane cocoa and declared it worthy of a return visit to Tim Horton's.

We talked school, secrets, and the wonderful features of our cell phones. He decided he needed to make sure everything was okay on mine and used half the battery feeding the frogs that live inside my phone.

Being a Grandmother racks in the top five best things in the world.

1 comment:

HennHouse said...

He asked me for his allowance this evening so he could pay next time.

Something about earrings, too?

Love you, mom.