Thursday, July 15, 2010

Should we be surprised?

We have thought, basically were told while Dwight was at Grant, that Dwight's surgery would be next Tuesday, the 20th.

Today Dwight as asked a couple questions about getting ready for it, the nurse didn't have answers and called the Dr. His surgery isn't till the 27th. But we weren't called, they weren't called; just don't understand this. Dwight didn't tell me till I was at work so I couldn't call....

On a happy note, Dwight has had visitors at lunch time twice this week. Visitors, cards and phone calls are always welcome.

I am so thankful that he continues to be in good spirits, this is going on so long.


Anonymous said...

Susie, let Dwight know I'm rooting for him. I was his room mate at Dodd.

walter King

Carrie said...

I check up on your blog every chance I get. I am praying for your family. Hope you all get to go home soon!