Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Surgery?

Dwight returned to Grant Hospital this afternoon. Scheduled return.

Surgery tomorrow morning to remove three kidney stones from the left kidney. The kidney they supposedly removed all the stones from in June.

Aurora and I went to visit Papa after supper. She was all smiles as she walked in, waiting for him to realize she was there. And of course, his smile was huge. They had quite a conversion about spiders, including her rendition of her Mother's screaming when she sees a spider.

We were not happy to see a nurse struggle to find a vein to get an IV going. It was the third attempt since he got there. It seems they either run into scar tissue and can't get through, or when they do get through the vein fails. There were ready to try again when Dwight stopped them. He told them he had something he needed to. He called Aurora to him and prayed with her so we could leave. Many times the nurses/aids/Doctors either ignore the prayer and continue with what they want to do or leave the room. These two nurses just stepped back and respected Papa with one of his grandkids.

Yesterday we were able to have worship with Karin, Tim, Isaiah, Isaac and Esther Faith. It is great to watch the young ones as they are learning about God and His wonderful work. The Henn Kids each colored him a picture for Papa's room -- each clearly exposing their special feeling for Papa.

We are very blest to have five wonderful grandkids, and their wonderful parents.


Hollie said...

Susie, my thoughts and prayers will be with you. Hopefully, this WILL be the last surgery!

Carrie said...

I will be praying for you guys. I hope tomorrow's surgery goes well. Btw, I scream very loudly for spiders as well!