Monday, May 24, 2010

God Can Steer a Tree

It has been a long stay for Dwight. Day 55 away from home. And more to come. But I know God is in control, so does Dwight, but at times it is hard to keep our hands off and trust God. The unseen is so unseen.

Thursday, as the gap between 'now' and the surgery got smaller, Dwight's anxiousness and prayers increased. As in true Dwight style, he made sure God understood everything....

Finally, God asked, "Why can't you just trust me?"

Dw: "I do. but I am still anxious and I can't get past it."

God: "You have a good memory. Just remember what I taught you in the middle of the wind storm."

Dw: "You mean when the tree fell?"

God: "Yes, what did I teach you then?"

Dw: "You can steer a tree."

God: "When you gave me your deepest fears and anxieties of the house being crushed from the tree falling you released me to perform a miracle. Right in front of your eyes, and the eyes of your neighbors. Now, just remember that if you surrender these anxious fears to me I will be with you no matter what. I AM your GOD and you are my child. Surrender--I have everything under control."

And Dwight calmed down, and had a time of prayer and praise.

When it was time for the surgery it didn't happen because of problems with surgeries before him. I truly it was God in Control because the Dr personally came to see Dwight and they decided to do a different type of surgery that should be more successful.

God is good...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Surprised by God?!?

It was a long day yesterday. But just as I was leaving last night, they gave Dwight most of his meds and something to drink. He must have fallen to sleep quickly, because he didn't call to say good night.

Today he had more Doctors visit than he could count.

Good new they are going to take the first of the kidney stones out Friday.

Bad news, they are monitoring his heart rate and it is dipping very low, both awake and asleep. They mentioned a pace maker, but the one Dr wants to wait and see how things look after the infection is finally gone. It does seem that this infection, that has been attacking him for so long, has caused alot of muscle damage.

GOD Surprise: needless to say this alot to process. We are very happy to finally be scheduled for stone removal, but the rest of the news left Dwight somewhat depressed. I spent alot of time in prayer while at work (Pray without ceasing...) And God answered my prayer. but I was surprised; and surprised that I was surprised.

I did ask. He did answer. That is what He does. Why didn't I expect Him to answer?

Love how God did it. First Sam called and they had a great conversation, and Dwight felt some better. Then the Tech came in and Dwight asked for his Bible, as she handed it to him she asked if our family was one of prayer--YES. She responded,"Now you have one more." Pointing to herself as she left the room with a tear in her eye.

What wonderful confirmation that God is in control. Thank you Sam and Danielle, for letting God use you.

God is good...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


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The Saga Continues

Dwight has been told often that he was being released from Dodd Hall on the 18th. but never with an answer as to where he was going. Altho his strength is returning, he isn't able to transfer, so I am unable to care for him at home. OSU Drs said they had no directive to return him to Grant.

And the frustration continues.

Over the weekend they were evaluating see what he has learned??? but still no answers.

Last night (Monday, the 17th) his nausea got worse, he got chills, and he was told his calcium level was very, very high and they were transferring him to the main hospital. Had they conferred with his Drs from Grant? NO!! Had they called his primary Dr? NO!!

But did Susie? YES!! I called his primary Dr--got her out of a conference in Kansas City (did not know, sorry). She said NO, call other Drs and get him back at Grant. He is being moved there sometime today--not sure when, but he has to go through the ER to be readmitted. That doesn't make sense, but hopefully they will get the calcium under control and remove the kidney stones so we can get real serious about him regaining his strength and coming home.

He is unable to get an electric wheelchair right now,but we will work on it.

And, hopefully he will have glasses soon, someone is working on that for him. PTL

I realize we still have a long bumpy road ahead but...

Again, thanks to all of you who care and are praying.

God is in control, even when we feel out of control. God is good...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Dwight is getting daily therapy, and making slow progress, but there is progress. His body has been so beat up by the infections that he is really drained. Until the stones are removed the infection will continue--and the stones can't be removed until he is strong enough. Reminds me of the whirlpool we saw above the falls at Niagara. Around,around, and around--where is the end?

It seems there is a steady stream of Drs, different ones every day, all with different ideas and tests and meds. Now they have discovered another problem, a problem we have decided it's not something to worry about right now. And they have added another IV. And no one says where he is going, but the date to leave is still set at next Tuesday.

If you have room for another prayer request, please add our son Sam. He is dealing with a very nasty 'viral' something...please jump over to his blog and let him tell you himself.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Shower

Yesterday, at lunch time, when I visited Dwight he was in an electric wheelchair. He drove himself to therapy, slowly. They are going to see about getting him a chair that fits him, and hopefully our small house with small doorways. Dwight had a great therapy secession in the afternoon, doing all they asked and more. When he got back to the room they helped into a special shower chair and he finally able to shower. And wash his hair, he is blonde again. Was nice to play with his hair when I stopped in after work.

BUT, today they decided they needed more x-rays and another cat scan. And another change in his medications, resulting in him missing both morning and afternoon therapy. How frustrating. I know he is stronger, but I really had hoped for more progress, not more tests and med changes.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Altho still dealing with some medication challenges and the side effects from the changes, Dwight had a victory yesterday. With the aid of a lift he was able to finally get out of bed and into his wheelchair. Most of the month he has been in bed and has been rolled onto his side by the nurses at OSU and at Grant by a wonderful advanced bed. (The bed has multiple air chambers that can fill at different levels. He was automatically rolled from back to side with a push of a button!!) He as been able to sit on the side of his bed the last week with the help of his nurse.


Yesterday, He was able to be in his chair several hours. He was wheeled to Physical Therapy and back, and then sat in his room enjoying the view from his window. We hope to be able to replace his glasses within the next month so he can really see.

I am hoping for another good report today.