Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last Week

I promised a post update last week but two things happened--#1--the computer ate my almost finished post at 11:30 at night (better than a dog excuse)--at that hour
I just couldn't get my brain convinced to a redo.
#2--a lot of life got in the way.

To sum it up:

Tuesday Dwight had the first surgery to remove the large kidney stones from the right kidney. As it turns out there is still one in there, and so is the
drain tube, a week plus later.
Which is a real hassle as it is in the back and his always laying down. They won't (or can't) use the lift to get him into his wheelchair because of it. Haven't heard any plans as to what is next--
it was a holiday weekend.

Wednesday and Thursday just kinda happened--not much exciting.
It was our anniversary, but he wasn't up to going out for
dinner and dancing
so we just sat in his room and looked at each other.
Correction, I looked, he slept.
At home, Kristen painted Dwight's study.

Friday they moved everyone from his wing on the 8th floor to another wing
so construction could begin--(but did it? it was a holiday weekend)

Just before supper two men showed up at his door to take him to
Mill Run Gardens and Care Center.
No warning, and no call to me. Gr-r-r We really like Mill Run,
but why Friday evening on a holiday weekend?
Thus far they have just done the basics.
And worried about the tube. Kristen's kids and I crashed the
Henn House for supper,
altho' the kids think it was so they could play together.

Saturday I came home and found a neighbor had
mowed my front and one side lawn.
Looks good, thanks. All my flowers are looking great.

Monday, while I was at work, Kristen and her two moved in, for awhile.
Lots of stuff to be taken care of--Kristen to unpack and me to decide what to do with Dwight's stuff from when he Pastored.
He never touched while we lived
here, but didn't want to part with it....

If you were to ask why all this is happening to Dwight and our life,
I couldn't even come close to an answer.
I know God works all things for good for those who love Him,
but I haven't rounded the corner that shows me the good yet.
Just keep putting one foot in front of the other,
asking God for strength and to hold me up when I want to crash.
I have a very good family. My mom constantly reminds me she loves me
andwishes she could help, my sisters call and say the same.
My children do all they can to help, and then some.
Even my son in law Tim--he does so much to help out.
Our neighbor, Bob, is very helpful and concerned.
Even gave me a lecture yesterday,
and offered me a beer to help me relax...

And all my family and friends who are praying and caring,
even people I have never met. It is good.

Thanks for everything, everyone.


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Hollie said...

Ah, Susie, sometime we never do find out "why"! I've lived with my husband's accident for 20 yrs. now....and I still don't know why. Yes, it gets to you sometimes but I have to learn to keep turning it back over to God. These are situations where there is absolutely nothing we can do, it is out of our hands. But we do have the confidence of knowing that God is in control and he's not going to send anything that between us we can't handle! Praying for you and your family often.