Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holding Pattern

Things seem to be pretty much in a routine now. There are some little ups and downs, but nothing big right now. Dialysis is on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with adjustments made for holiday weeks. The bedsore is slowly healing with the aid of a wound vac and a couple of nurses who really care and know how to change it.

Unfortunately, yesterday, (Tuesday) Dwight was unable to have dialysis because the ports where plugged, again, it has only been two weeks since they were replaced. He goes this afternoon to have them replaced and then, time permitting, he will have dialysis.

Last week they did minor surgery on his left arm, again. The surgery in the wrist didn't grow large enough to use so now they are trying to create one near the elbow. They had to cut quite deep into his bicep to find a usable artery. He was told they have never dug that deep before. He did have huge muscles from working so hard. Of course, this continues to keep him from physcial therapy.

Dwight is handling most of this very well, altho' there are times he is very down, especially when the pain and loneliness get overwhelming. The cards and phone calls he receives are a great encouragement.

My granddaughter Aurora and I are quite excited to see the snow, but I can guarantee that my husband will have a very strong opposite reaction. Don't you love how different spouses are????

Again, thank you to all of you who are so caring and praying. Your prayers give us the added strength we need.

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jen said...

oh susie... hugs and prayers. (and dave and the kids like the snow too ;)