Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hospital Time, Again

We seemed to be making progress in Dwight's health after his hospital say in February. Too slow to suit me, but there seemed to be some progress. But I was wrong--the kidney stones are still plaguing him, major plaguing. Sunday I was busy fixing a nice dinner for him and the rest of the family that was coming to join us, and didn't notice--but Kristen did. And it was down hill from there.

I suggested a hospital visit Sunday evening but he refused, but after a very rough night he decided Monday morning that it was time. By then he was so weak that it took alot of extra help to get him moved.

He has slept almost constantly since we arrived at the ER. When he is awake it is very difficult to have a conversation with him. He has seen a couple dozen Doctors, all have decided that everything is the result of the infection from the 8 kidney stones that have rediscovered. (The first cat scan Feb 13 found them, the next 3 didn't show them--now they are there again) At least 2 of them are 1 centimeter. And moving.

He was to have stunts put in again today, but he is confused and didn't understand and refused. I was at work and couldn't help him. When I was able to help him understand to need for them it was too late for today so it is scheduled for 10 AM.

After eating supper with him (he actually ate a little), we kissed, he fell asleep and I went home. Just as I settled into my laz-boy with a late night snack, he called and asked me to come back. He had an angel visit his room and tell him it was okay. His take on it and mine are not the same.

I am with him and he is resting better. He is now in a private room and I have a faux sleep chair and will try to sleep. Hospital noise, no feather pillow, no cat purring by my ear--but I will try.


Hollie said...

Ah, Susie, I know how hard it is to sleep in a hospital chair!! I hope they're able to help Dwight. My prayers go out to both of you.

jen said...

susie... my prayers are with both of you. please dont hesitate to call or email if you need us for any reason at all. (((HUGS)))

Shelby said...

Hi Karin's mom. I'm one of Karin's bloggy friends. I just wanted you to know that you and your husband -- your whole family -- are in my prayers. I know all too well some of how you feel and I wish that I could make it easier for you.

Swedish Mama said...

Thank you, dear Ladies. The prayers of others, so often, are the added strength that we need to push forward. Or just to keep from falling. God will bless you for your scarifice.