Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Surprised by God?!?

It was a long day yesterday. But just as I was leaving last night, they gave Dwight most of his meds and something to drink. He must have fallen to sleep quickly, because he didn't call to say good night.

Today he had more Doctors visit than he could count.

Good new they are going to take the first of the kidney stones out Friday.

Bad news, they are monitoring his heart rate and it is dipping very low, both awake and asleep. They mentioned a pace maker, but the one Dr wants to wait and see how things look after the infection is finally gone. It does seem that this infection, that has been attacking him for so long, has caused alot of muscle damage.

GOD Surprise: needless to say this alot to process. We are very happy to finally be scheduled for stone removal, but the rest of the news left Dwight somewhat depressed. I spent alot of time in prayer while at work (Pray without ceasing...) And God answered my prayer. but I was surprised; and surprised that I was surprised.

I did ask. He did answer. That is what He does. Why didn't I expect Him to answer?

Love how God did it. First Sam called and they had a great conversation, and Dwight felt some better. Then the Tech came in and Dwight asked for his Bible, as she handed it to him she asked if our family was one of prayer--YES. She responded,"Now you have one more." Pointing to herself as she left the room with a tear in her eye.

What wonderful confirmation that God is in control. Thank you Sam and Danielle, for letting God use you.

God is good...


jen said...

susie. prayers coming from this home too!!!

Hollie said...

Susie, holding your family up in prayer. I know this is so frustrating but somehow God will make a way. There might not be a lot any of us can do...but God can.

Shelby said...

Susie, I just want you to know that I'm continuing to lift you all up in prayer.

Shelby, a blog friend of Karin's

Christine Mayo said...

praying for your family! trust God He is the only way, the Truth and the Light! Amen!