Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Is this a bad dream that I will wake from soon? Is there no end to all this?

Dwight has called his Urologist for four days in a row, some days twice a day, trying to get an answer as to when they are taking the tube out of the kidney. He really wants more therapy than exercise bands and sitting on the edge of the bed.

Yesterday someone from the office actually answered the phone. After some attempts to get Dwight to call back when the surgeon was in (he is booked solid with surgeries, not even near the office.) the voice on the phone informed Dwight that he was scheduled for another surgery on the 30th.


He was told there are fragments still in there. I called this morning, and after being on hold for a long time, I was told there is still a stone in there. Which is it, or both, or..I reminded them I was told they were all out, AND when did they do a CAT scan or ultrasound--he has not left the nursing home, and they don't do them there. No answer........just that the surgeon will call one of us back. But he is busy all day.

I am afraid I just don't understand what is going on. He started with this infection in January, is now the end of June!!!! Not sure which emotion is the strongest right now, I am not even going to list all I am feeling. Just want to get this done.


Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

That is so frustrating. I would look around for a new urologist because it sounds like this one is too busy to keep up with his patient demand. You are in our thoughts daily. I hope things look brighter again soon!

HennHouse said...

Oh, Mom. This is SO frustrating. Let me know if there is anything you need.

Hollie said...

Susie you have to get very agressive when they start pulling these kind of stunts. I know when I had enough of it when Tim was going through all of his surgeries, I just started putting my foot down. I started telling them what I expected them to do and I wanted some! They started to pay attention.

We had the same thing when my brother, Danny, was in the hospital. We told them we wanted to see the dr. (whoever that was since Danny had so many) and at 2:00am we were in the waiting room letting the dr. have it! No, it's not something you feel very comfortable doing but if you don't say ENOUGH!.....they just keep on doing it.

My suggestion is to declare war on the drs. and demand a meeting and answers to your questions.

I'll be praying for you. I know it's hard to keep going when you feel like you just want to sit down and cop out of everything for a while, but you can do this! : )

jen said...

oh susie. my prayers are lifted up for you, that this is all over soon. and that dwight is back to his old self. so you may be too. (((HUGS)))

susan baum said...

susie and dwight, it pains me to hear you both getting such crappy service. melissa might be right. is there anyway to change horses in the middle the stream? i wish i could make it better.