Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Angels Watchin' Over Me

I normally drive 'slightly' over the speed limit. The middle, or far left lane are where you will find me, except for exiting.

As normal, I was buzzing along, on my way to work, in the far left lane on 270, just after the Hillard exit. I notice movement in my left mirror. There shouldn't be movement in my left mirror.

But I did. A car was sliding along, at a high rate of speed on it's top. It flew down into the median, through the super strong fence that is 'supposed' to stop cars from going into opposing traffic. Up onto the shoulder of the south bound traffic. At the speed it was going it should have gone right into the traffic, but it stopped on the shoulder as if someone had put out their hand and stopped it. Or an angel.

It all happened so fast. I have no idea what caused the car to go out of control. Why it came towards me and then went into the median or why it stopped without causing more destruction. But God does and I thank Him. And pray for the driver and any others that may have been in the car.


jen said...

oh wow!! i have chills. so glad you are ok.

Kristen said...

One of the most amazing things about the God we serve is that He never leaves us. He is faithful, and will always be there to protect us. And in return, all He wants from us our fully committed lives to Him and His will for our us! He is Great God!!

Sam said...

What a crazy story. Really, WOW.

Swedish Mama said...

I have driven that same route several times since. the car did not go through the fence, it went over it.