Saturday, December 11, 2010


Wednesday morning an aid entered Dwight's room to waken him for breakfast. What she saw shocked her and she ran--literally--to get a nurse--who also was very concerned. Dwight's catheter tubes for his dialysis had removed themselves overnight and were laying beside him on his bed.

Unfortunately, someone at the Nursing Home did not keep their concern to them self and Dwight became quite anxious, as I am sure any of us would. He called me, not sure what was going on, but very nervous. I called with a nurse friend, who explained the possible fatal result of the self removal. But, she asked, "Is he breathing? Then he is fine." (Possible results--as the tubes exited the body, air could have entered the void and then travel to the heart and causing death. Or at the exit of tubes, if it didn't close, he could have bleed to death.) But neither happened because God is in control and still has things for Dwight to do.

I called Dwight back, talked with him, prayed with him. God is faithful and Dwight felt His peace. I did not share what my friend had told me. Figured he had enough anxious thoughts for one day. He had an appointment in the afternoon, and new, longer tubes put in.(They had had trouble with those two week old tubes.)

BUT, Thursday, when Dwight went to dialysis all the workers there seemed to know about it and proceeded to tell Dwight how 'lucky' he was and what could have happened. Of course Dwight used it as an opportunity to share God with everyone in return.

Romans 8:28 And we know that causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.

Dwight may be in a nursing room, unable to get into his wheelchair, needing nurses and aids to help him with almost everything. His kidneys may not be working and he needs to rely on machines to clean his blood. But he is still loving God and serving Him, anywhere and everywhere He can. I thank God for my husband and his willingness to be God's man every chance he gets.