Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to Mill Run

Dwight had dialysis three times last week at Grant Hospital. He says it is very boring. One of the kidney Doctors told him that we would know in about 2 weeks if it has jump started his kidneys. We all are praying this is the case. Dwight does seem more tired from this, altho we were told that was possible. He has been nauseated allot, but no can give us an exact cause. I hope it goes away soon so that he can start eating a better diet. And not sure losing any more weight would be good for him either. It is at least 130 pounds.

Yesterday at supper time they moved him back to Mill Run. He missed supper, but didn't mind, but also missed some meds due to the transfer.

He is in room 111A. Cell 614-214-5288. Double checking on his room #. He will be leaving for dialysis Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Once his incision is healed we believe he will be in Physical and Occupational Therapy. Because the MRSA is localized in the bed sore, I hope it doesn't hold him back.

Last Saturday we read scripture, he sang several praise choruses and we had a good time of prayer.


Lucia said...

I hope the dialysis helps him a lot, and I hope the MRSA goes away and that the bedsore heals as soon as possible. Sores are no fun!

Sam said...

I'm glad you were able to have what sounded like such a wonderful time with Dad and with God. That touches my heart in a way I can't describe.