Friday, March 12, 2010


Dwight came home to our little Cape Cod on the 8th, after waiting all day he was finally picked up and home by 5:30PM. With new meds and definitely still fighting the infection. And the infection fighting him. And the side effects of the meds fighting him.

Last week was over run with visits from various experts, nurses, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy. All evaluating our home, his abilities and his care. He does not need OT or PT. There is nothing else we can do to make our home any better short of adding on. He doesn't need any one to fix his lunch. Really doesn't need the nurse, I had to tell her how to bandage his sores....but she has to come to measure them once a week. What can I say?

By this Monday I could tell that the mind fog, among other things were finally leaving him. I had Tuesday and Wednesday off and we had a great time together. He actually asked for some 'normal' food, not just Ginger Ale, crackers and jello. So I made him chicken, stuffing, and lots of other good real cooking. Nice to have the time and him want to eat.

Tuesday we watched the movie I got him for Valentine's Day (but wasn't able to give him till last week)-----just felt good to be back to our normal.

The sunshine and warmer weather are encouraging to him.

He sees another Dr next week about the removal of the kidney stones.


jen said...

so nice to hear things are getting back to normal!! hope to see you soon :)

HennHouse said...

All encouraging news, Mom.

Still praying.

Hollie said...

And have you had the luxury of relaxing and enjoying just being together......along with the "new" coffeepot? LOL! Little things mean a lot.

susan baum said...

Welcome home, Dwight!