Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Room--New Doctor--Good News Promise

I wish I could tell all of you faithful readers that Dwight is happy in his new room but....

His room mate is a grouchy, hard of hearing, anti social 86 year old man. He seems to resent having to share a room. We try to be tolerate of his lack of manners and cold shoulder. He has cared for his wife for years, she suffers with dementia. He recently fell and his daughter and son-in-law moved her to Indianapolis with them and will be taking him also, when he is released. (One nurse told me it couldn't happen soon enough) It has to be very hard to lose your wife and soon your home. We just wish he wouldn't play the AMC movie channel and old war movies so loud that a headache is your new, daily friend. And turn the heat down, please. I did buy Dwight earplugs and he said they help. Dwight has attempted to witness to his room mate, but he doesn't want to have any type of a conversation.

Into Dwight's former, private room across the hall, they moved in a who woman has experienced some type of brain injury and often yells, yesterday for nine hours. And they can't shut her door when she is acting out. She is on an IV feeding. Don't know what all is going on but don't envy the aids and nurses caring for her. Or her.

Dwight has visited a new Doctor who is doing 'vein mapping' on both of his arms. He has found a good prospect on the left upper arm and several good ones on the right arm. The Doctor will be studying them more fully and they attempting a new fistula soon. If it is successful then the dialysis can be done through it and no more ports.

The Doctor is at Doctors Hospital. Dwight was happy to be in 'home territory' and was very happy with the 'mapping' ultrasound done in Doctor's. We are praying this works.

Our son Sam was down for the weekend and spent many hours with his Dad, much to Dwight's delight. They both did something they have done together for decades--put the NASCAR race on and took a nap(s). Good medicine.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Overheard Update..

Remember playing the game 'gossip' as a child? Where a statement was whispered ear to ear around a circle, coming out at the end much different than when it started?

That game is similar to what happened Saturday to Dwight. The part he heard and the part were told were parts of the truth. What buzzed around the nursing home on Sunday was the game part. And was it ever the game part. We heard quite abit after I got there in the morning. Most of it only half or less correct. Then the social worker came in. (She only works Mon-Fri, so....????) She informed us that Dwight needs to go back into a semi private room. The one right across the hall that had been emptied for the new construction. It is open now, for awhile. The person that is moving into his room demanded to be removed from her room because, altho it is a large private room now, it is being changed into a semi private room this week and she refuses to room with anyone. (Not sure if it is her or her children making the demands)

Dwight is to be out of his room and in the new one by Thursday. He asked that they do it while he is at dialysis since his bed needs semi disassembled and reassembled.

A plus to the new room is that he can observe the construction out the window--AND--the WiFi is quite strong in that room (nothing in the current room). He will now be able to have my netbook and watch Church services again. And he will be able to Sykpe. God is in control, and provides surprises. Don't know how long it will be before that room is up for reconstruction, but it is where God wants him now.

Thank God for Your faithfulness. And Your patience with our worry.

And thank you, God's children, who joined us in prayer.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Being a normally 'glass half empty' person, I shouldn't be surprised that our joy and praise of Dwight's healing was a followed by an attack by Satan.

When Dwight returns from dialysis he is normally alittle down both mentally and physically. This is not unusual for dialysis patients. Today he attempted to get comfy in his bed just before supper. And try to convince himself he wanted to eat. He noticed a couple walking by his room, and walking by his room and walking by his room. Very closely timed, slow passes. Then he overhears raised voices...

It seems this couple was ready to move a loved one into his room. They said they had been promised two weeks ago that they could have room 121 today. At that point the conversation was removed from his hearing. Of course no staff person even acknowledged that something was going on... but an unusual number did stop in just to talk for a few minutes. One, whispered, "you will be out of this room by Thursday." Period. Nothing more. If this is true, it explains why the social worker has been in asking Dwight where he was moving to. It doesn't explain why the social worker hasn't been 'free' to talk to Dwight and I when I am able to come.

Dwight's already lack of appetite flew out the window. All he ate was ice cream and ice tea. Didn't even take his dialysis medicine. He really didn't want me to leave, and before I had my coat zipped he told me he missed me already. He asked me to come and sit with him in the morning instead of going to Church.

All of my dear friends who pray, please pray for his spirits and for our wisdom. And if we need find another home, clear guidance on the right one for Dwight and his needs.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Good News

Never sure what the day is going bring...good news....less than good news....bad news.

Some mornings when I call my sweetheart to say Good Morning he sounds so down, sometimes slightly confused, sometimes (my favorite) his normal chipper self that makes everyone smile. Amount of sleep, pain, fever and boredom all effect him.

In the late fall we were told that Dwight had MRSA in the huge bed sore. Red warning signs appeared on his door, yellow gowns were worn by the staff in his room. Those of us visiting used extra amounts of hand sanitizer. Grandkids and children didn't visit for a couple weeks---till we were told that real danger is only to those working directly on the wound. But then Dwight was moved from the semi private room to a private room. My dear social husband. But we have handled it,all the tough parts. We made it through birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and The Super Bowl. With the Lord's help we made it. The prayers of many, many people added to our daily prayers and trust in the LORD is how we handled it.

Today he was told he is MRSA free. Red signs gone. The special cart full of special equipment gone. Not sure if (or when) he is going back into a semi private room.

The social worker has been in a couple of times asking where he is going, home or to another nursing home. We didn't know that was an option, we had asked in July that he be put on the waiting list for a long term care room. Still trying to figure that out, Dwight is far from being strong enough to come home. Our home is not set up for caring for him until he again can do alot of things for himself. And it is not our choice for him to go anywhere else, he is happy there. The social worker doesn't seem to have any appointment slots available when I can come (and when Dwight isn't on dialysis)to discuss this with her.

But the infection (in the ports used for dialysis and accompanied by a fever) Dwight has been battling (and is still on antibiotics for) is going away, and did I mention...?

The MRSA is gone!!!! Praise the Lord.