Thursday, March 25, 2010


This evening Aurora and I were snuggling when she looked at me and said, "I am vanilla."

Me, "What?" (She had asked for ice cream earlier, so I thought she was trying to convince again -- even tho' the dog finished her supper.)

Aurora, "I am vanilla."

Ok, I think I see where this little mind is going so I ask "And what about Isaac?"

"He is chocolate."

Fine with me, I love both.............."And Esther Faith?"

"She is vanilla, like me."

Love the thinking of kids.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Surprising News

Dwight visited the Doctor who was going to remove his kidney stones.
But he isn't going to...
there are no kidney stones, and they
have known it since the second day he was in
the hospital.
but why wasn't he (or anyone) told you ask---
His question also, to which he received a simple reply,
"This is the first time we have sat down face to face."
Must admit neither Dwight or I (or our children and grandchildren)
liked that, sure would have prevented a lot of worry and concern.
Guess it isn't important enough to call Dwight, tell the nursing home Doctor,
or anyone else.
Dwight is scheduled next week to have the stints removed. In the mean time
he is again running a low grade fever and all the 'fun' side affects from it.
Called three different Drs about it Monday--no answer, answer machine, no help.
I know scripture tells us and I believe it, that all things work together for our good.
Just having a little trouble seeing the good right now.
Time for some extra prayer and trust.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Granddaughters say....

If you love kid sayings you need to check out both of my daughters blogs for the latest from my two beautiful princess granddaughters.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Dwight came home to our little Cape Cod on the 8th, after waiting all day he was finally picked up and home by 5:30PM. With new meds and definitely still fighting the infection. And the infection fighting him. And the side effects of the meds fighting him.

Last week was over run with visits from various experts, nurses, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy. All evaluating our home, his abilities and his care. He does not need OT or PT. There is nothing else we can do to make our home any better short of adding on. He doesn't need any one to fix his lunch. Really doesn't need the nurse, I had to tell her how to bandage his sores....but she has to come to measure them once a week. What can I say?

By this Monday I could tell that the mind fog, among other things were finally leaving him. I had Tuesday and Wednesday off and we had a great time together. He actually asked for some 'normal' food, not just Ginger Ale, crackers and jello. So I made him chicken, stuffing, and lots of other good real cooking. Nice to have the time and him want to eat.

Tuesday we watched the movie I got him for Valentine's Day (but wasn't able to give him till last week)-----just felt good to be back to our normal.

The sunshine and warmer weather are encouraging to him.

He sees another Dr next week about the removal of the kidney stones.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tale of Two Coffee Pots

As our adventure with Dwight's latest health challenge was becoming into full steam my old faithful peculator (at least 25 yrs old) decided to add to our frustration level. It would just randomly shut it's self off, problem is, it doesn't have a shut off. It is either plugged in or it isn't.

I made mention of this frustration in one of my posts in January. Thought no more of it. Was just a passing complaint. Or so I thought.

Two days later I came home from work about 5:30, opened the front door to get the mail and caused both a UPS driver and myself to jump a few inches off the ground. He only on the first step and I wasn't expecting anyone to be on my porch.

We both weakly, and with slight embarrassment, smiled at each other. He handed me a box with 'have a good day.' A box, I couldn't remember ordering anything and it wasn't time for any of Dwight's medical supplies----Return address label was from Amazon, I knew I hadn't ordered from them. Supper could wait, I had to see what was in the box----------------a new peculator--------------and no card. But I had a good idea who was responsible, after all I do know the Amazon Queen.

It makes a very good cup of coffee (or eight), and of course is used everyday. Haven't had a chance to serve the Amazon Queen a cup yet, both of our life's have been on crazy paths lately....

Maybe this weekend. Thank you, dear daughter.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Home: Good News

Dwight finally made it home Monday evening about 5 PM. Would have been sooner but they sent the wrong vehicle to pick him up, and tried to tell him he had to go home in it. But about six employees gathered and said no. Which Dwight was also saying. Someone got the Social Worker there and she informed them that she ordered a wheelchair van and they would provide a wheelchair van--ASAP. Done--home.

Dwight was very happy to get back home, I let the dog out to greet him, two very happy 'people'. For most of the night she won't get more that 4 feet away from him, occasionally just walking up to him and staring at him. I knew she missed him, didn't realize it was so intense.

Isaac called him later in the evening and expressed his joy in Papa being where he belongs, not sure he understands that Papa still isn't well and has a surgery coming, but at least he is in his house so he can come hang out with him. Dwight has such a wonderful relationship with all his grandchildren.

I saw a follow up Doctor in the afternoon. He was not a good listener. He told me again what my results from the hospital and the stress test--everything that the Doctor last week told me. Then asked questions, all leading to what he had already decided. He didn't seem to want to understand the whole picture. His diagnosis is: depression and panic attacks. Hm-m-m-m. I do believe anxiety/worry/lack of sleep are probably my biggest problems. He also doesn't think vitamins and/or minerals are of any help.