Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Grass

It has been almost two years since our pine tree uprooted in the front of the house. Last spring I purchased and Tim and Isaiah planted two maples to replace it. They have done quite well, producing wonderful color in the fall. They are still very thirsty, demanding lots of water.

But the large spot that was directly under the pine was never taken care of it. It was full of pine needles. Last year it produced a large crop of morning glories and weeds. This year we had the beginnings of a great crop of thistles from the bird seed. Definitely didn't look attractive, living in town, where everyone is fussy about their lawns.

Until Isaiah attacked it Monday. He was making progress--lots of weeds and lots of roots to break up. Then his cousins completed their chores and decided to help him instead of playing. Wow--with three boys working hard (and around a four year old girl!) they really made progress. By the time the boys needed to leave it was clear and ready for extra soil to fill in the low spots.

Tuesday Isaiah and Isaac showed up with soil, garden rake, gloves and determination. By lunch time the spot was filled, racked level and seeded with donated grass seed. Last night and this morning God provided a super soaking rain. One of the boys was sure they saw grass growing today!! We will be watching that spot with great anticipation.

Also Isaac and Aurora planted sunflowers from Uncle Sam along the fence (with a few corn seeds thrown in). And Jackson planted some ??? in the veggie raised garden. It promises to be an interesting summer in the 'growing things' at Mimi & Papa's house.

Sorry, to busy having fun (and getting sunburned) to remember take pictures.


HennHouse said...

The kids asked to go back tonight... to catch fireflies.

susan baum said...

fireflies! i miss kid summer.

yi said...

I regularly visit your blog.
Keep on challenging!