Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Fun Day

Wednesday morning, when the aid entered Dwight's room to wake him for his morning pain pills she found something she had never seen before. The catheter tubes for his dialysis were laying on the bed beside him. They had removed themselves in the night. Not sure how, or why. Guess they just didn't like Dwight.

She went flying out of the room to find a nurse, who was extremely concerned. In fact it caused such a stir that the night nurse talked to me quite awhile as I was leaving tonight.
Although, they didn't tell Dwight, this could have been a very serious situation. But God had other plans.

All this caused great anxiety in Dwight, who called me to help him calm down, altho' he was quite calm when he told me. We talked awhile, and prayed together. I called my nurse friend who reassured me that since they were out with no bleeding, etc, we should be thankful.

Dwight went and had new tubes inserted, he is alot of extra pain, and still slightly shaken, but ready to go off to dialysis tomorrow. Hopefully, with new tubes dialysis will be uneventful. Tuesday the tubes were partially blocked and needed opened and the machine kept setting off the alarms, resulting in a shortened dialysis. We like it best when things run smoothly.

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Yeah. Excitement is too much. Call us so much better.