Thursday, June 9, 2011


I know many of you are checking often for reports on my wonderful husband, and I don't want to let you down. I am writing this with tears clouding my vision. The news is not the best, although there may be good news I am just not realizing yet.

Sunday morning and afternoon were definitely our high spots. Nothing short of a miracle. Even Dwight's Doctor was surprised to find him alive. And he was very much our 'Dwight'. He visited very clearly with Doctors, nurses, two Pastors, all of our family that visited.

Monday he seemed a little down from Sunday, but he had dialysis and that always tires him. Tuesday there were more Doctor's visits than he can remember. Wednesday he had dialysis again and they removed the ports from his chest. The plan is to replace them Monday. Yes, that means four days without dialysis. They will be monitoring his blood very closely.

What is it? Still not totally sure. The infectious disease Doctor isn't convinced on the pneumonia. There is no pinpoint name, just a bad infection. With the ports out (possibly the source of the infection) they hope to 'purify' his blood. More wait and see.

Last night all our children and grandchildren wanted to visit him. He said no, he didn't want them to see him like he was. I am sorry I honored that request because I found him in a worse state today. Much more repeating himself, loss of muscle control (jerking) and dozing off. I let the families know they could come for a short visit. He had two visits from family and I must say he did perk up when the kids were there.

Several of you have expressed concern for me, I do appreciate that. I am more tired than normal, I guess that is how my body/mind copes. I am trying not to let it depress me and am trusting God to do His will. God does have a reason for this, for all of our family. I am praying for each of my children and grandchildren to discover what God is teaching us through this. For all of us to understand God loves us and Papa loves us, no matter how much we don't like this.

So happy to know I have friends who are hanging in with us in support and prayers.

I am typing this outside in the cool breeze of the evening. My flowers look beautiful and fireflies are flitting around in the yard. A few birds are singing their good night song. Our maples have grown and are casting their shadow from the street light. Thank you, Tim, for not listening to me (this time) and creating this little oasis outside my back door.

I am blessed.


Kristen said...

I Love You Mom! I know dad was a little rough yesterday, but I don't think the kids were too worried because they know he is sick... I agree, God has a plan and has something for us to learn, in this and in every situation. And although quite often we search for the answers, He will reveal them to us IF and when He wants to. That's not up to us. I Love You and I know this all wears on your rest (or lack there of). Sometimes the best thing to do is lean on those around you, whether it be family or friends. That's why God puts certain people in our lives, He intends on us to need each other to show strength in hard times. We're all here for you mom! We all Love you!!!

susan baum said...

susie, you may not realize this but I am blessed to have had you, dwight, karin, tim, isaiah, isaac and esther-faith all cross my path. your impact is not lost despite the lack of regular contact we had previously. i think about each of you daily.

much love to you all.