Saturday, June 4, 2011


Interesting typing in plastic gloves, am sure I will made plenty of typos.

In the ER Dwight's BP and heart rate went quite low, he also was unresponsive. the Dr, who will remain nameless (altho I could call him a few names, including a couple Danish not nice words I know)--decided he needed a drug to stop all Dwight's pain meds from working. Before I could say, excuse me, what are you doing, it was in him.

I can not tell you the horrors we experienced as he instantly went in drug withdraw and full body intensive pain. It was so bad that all the ER personnel came gawking. In the intensive pain and screaming, Dwight managed to pull out the IV they needed to administer more pain meds.

It has been a rough time. We are in ICC. The above mentioned drug has wore off and the pain meds, plus more, are back on line. His BP and heart rate are again low, dangerously low. The same Dr suggested the drug again, it is probably a good thing he was on the other side of the bed and other people were in the room. (I had told at least three times we would NEVER do that to him again.)

We are waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. As it stands right now, it is not the best situation. We are trusting the Lord for healing. We understand that not all healing is on this side of glory. God is our Lord, we are committed to His will and are thankful for His love for us.

Thanks, again to all who care and pray.

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Lucia said...

OMG! I am guessing the med is called Talwin NX or something similar? I feel so bad for your husband! I will pray for him.