Saturday, June 4, 2011

ER Again

Rejoicing as Dwight gave me the news Thursday that he is allowed to start getting into his wheelchair a few times a week for half hour at a time. He was quite excited about that.

Then this morning I was woke from my sleep in morning by a nurse from Mill Run saying Dwight was off to ER, again. Low respristory rate, high fever, plus all the other signs of another infection.

That call woke Kristen and Aurora, who were also enjoying a sleep in morning. Then I woke Karin from her sleep in morning to tell her. Then my Mom, who always wants to know all that is going on.

So, here I sit, watching my husband sleep, with no moniters this time. And no testing, yet. At least they aren't treating him as a mental patient. They clearly listened to me. Praying the rest of the stay goes this well.

What is frustrating is that Dwight told the night nurse something was wrong (an agency nurse) and she didn't report to anyone till this morning.

Just letting my friends and family know because we have so many loving and caring family and friends.

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jen said...

oh susie. praying for you guys!!