Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A name--kinda

Not all cultures are finished growing, but the dozen or so Doctors pretty much agree on what Dwight's body is playing host to this time:


a different, nameless kind. #1) it isn't affecting his lungs. No fluid on the lungs, no problems breathing. The spot they found on his lung is not related to it at all. #2) it isn't from any conventional sources of pneumonia. It is probably from the port/catheter they use for his dialysis. They are going to remove the port/catheter, and not replace it for 7 days.

All this is so odd sounding I asked Dwight to repeat it.


Same all three times.

Will any of this change? Maybe.

Will I be surprised? No, and I am sure you won't be either.

1 comment:

GodQuest said...

What a roller coaster ride! I know you are hanging in there with the prayers of so many others. It is good to get updates so we can all pray more intelligently for you. Be assured we love you. Dwight is fortunate to have you as his caregiver.