Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bitter Sweet

May 26th was our 39th Anniversary.

Our second celebrated with two different address.

#38 at Grant Hospital.

#39 at Mill Run Gardens and Care Center.

Last year Dwight was very ill as a result of multiple kidney stones and all the infections attacking his health. We, his family, had unspoken questions and fears. We make it through months of successful and unsuccessful surgeries to remove the stones. The last was January 4th, 12 months after all this started. Dwight has lost at least 140 pounds and is now on dialysis three times a week. His is very weak, but has started some therapy sitting on the edge of his bed. When the bed sore is healed he can get back into his wheelchair and into the therapy room. We know it will be many months before this happens, but are excited to know it is coming. There was a point when we weren't sure....

I took the day off and got dinner from our favorite Chinese take out. Although Dwight's appetite has been poor lately he ate almost all of it. A couple days later I took our new kitten in, who loved all over him. More smiles.

I really am thankful, we could have lost my sweet husband, he was that ill. He knows God has many things for him to do yet for the Kingdom, and prays for opportunities.

Thank you to all of you who pray for him and our family. Also to those who visit, call him or send him cards. These all help lift his spirits.

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Hollie said...

You are being so brave about this!! I know it has been very discouraging at times but you manage to keep positive. But I also know that there are times that "lonely" sets in...missing the special times that you used to have together that no one else would know about or understand. And it can make you feel lonely. I'm there too Susie. There are some things that just will never be the same again. And it's a struggle to accept that because it seems like it was just ripped from me suddenly with no choice. I feel so helpless sometimes trying to deal with everything that comes with his disability. Then I start the cycle of helpless, self-pity, angry, etc. Just wanted to let you know that you're in my thoughts and in my prayers. God bless you.