Saturday, June 18, 2011


After waiting out the thunderstorm at the Care Center (as noted by Jackson, the sign says Care Center, not nursing home, so hence forth....) I received a phone call from a JoAnn employee. She told me a good looking man had a delivery for me, where was I? At Speedway taking care of my hungry van.

Diane asked the man to deliver to my home but he refused. And she refused to tell me what it was, only that they would return in the AM.

While helping a customer this morning, a gentleman approached with an arrangement of cut, lilac colored flowers. From my husband, expressing his love for me and thanking me for loving him. Wow. Beautiful. It seems he partnered with our daughters to arrange this surprise for me . Thanks, thanks and thanks.

Visiting this evening he seems more his old self, only mellowed, more gentle, more patient, more thankful. I like all that, but am mostly thankful to still have his smile, to hold his hand, to look into his baby blues, and to kiss him good night.

He has already received several 'Happy Father's Day' greetings, including a balloon from the activities department of the Care Center. He couldn't go to the Father's Day Gala so they brought him and his room mate each a balloon.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's stopping by my blog; you are great.


GodQuest said...

I just caught up on the past few blogs. Lately, I have been off the notification list for awhile. Dwight and Susie are such dear people to us. It grieves us to see them both go through all of this turmoil. God is watching and has a reason. He supplies all of our needs and He will for Dwight and Susie at this time. We keep praying.

Lucia said...

Tell Dwight i wish him a very happy father's day! And i am glad to read that he is doing a lot better!

Hollie said...

Glad to hear that Dwight is doing better. And what a thoughtful, romantic thing to do for! I'm sure you deserved them and I know they all enjoyed surprising you with it. Hope your weekend continues to be blessed!