Thursday, June 16, 2011

Better, way better.

Dwight better. I was very surprised when he called me after dialysis. By himself. Yesterday he couldn't hold the phone, let alone use it.

He said that about an hour into dialysis he started to feel better. About 2 hours in and allot of things cleared up. He remembers some from yesterday, but not all.

He came back to Mill Run apologizing to everyone.

It was the missing dialysis, the poison in his blood. At the hospital he went four days without and then two days because the nursing home wanted to get him back on their schedule. Bad choice.

But he is mostly back to where he was. I notice little things that aren't right, and he has a fever, again, so we will be watching him closely.

But we are so thankful to the Lord.

I have more to share, but my eyes won't stay open.


jen said...

hope you get some rest susie. will be easier with that great news about dwight!!

Kristen said...

I Love You Mom!!!!