Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday -- some changes

Ups and downs. Such has been our life the last 14 months, and the last 60 hours.

Last evening I was not happy with the lack of muscle control I was seeing, nor with Dwight's poor conversation skills. I continued to 'nag' about his IV antibiotics. Finally the nurse checked his chart, and checked, and discovered that the orders written by our Dr at the discharge from ICU weren't in the computer, so drugs had not been delivered. So she said, but Dwight had already had some of his meds, I really think she was having difficulty reading the chart. She was scrolling up and down the chart repeatedly.

This morning, when I called to say good morning Dwight's words were, "I'm in trouble here." Then he dropped the phone. I quickly made coffee, feed the dog, and got presentable. As I was driving I called again, repeatedly, only getting a busy signal. I called the 8th floor desk and was told that Dwight was in dialysis, altho he wasn't supposed to go till 11:00. Back home to more coffee, kittens and a nap.

I have noticed that he responds better to one of the 2 antibiotics than the other.

Doctors and consults all afternoon and still no pinpointed cause or causes.
An new wrinkle, now they want to do an ultrasound of his legs, with dye. A very big NO-NO. Dye is very bad for kidneys.

Supper was very light for Dwight and now he is winding down. Ready for some boring TV and his evening nap. I remember my Dad's excuse for his after supper nap, "So I can sleep better when I go to bed."

We were really hoping that the infection would be identified by now, correct treatment started and return to Mill Run in the near future. But we are waiting.......

So thankful for much better nurses and PSA than last month.

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