Saturday, February 6, 2010

Good News, Almost Good News


As most of you know from reading Karin's blog, Princess Esther Faith is home,
ruling her domain once again. Everyone is happy.
Please check Karin's blog, it is excellent reading.


Dwight is back close to normal. Close. I called his kidney Dr and left a message of what was going on, including with his urine--they called back and said that
nothing that is happening is related to his kidneys.

He did go to 'a Dr' at his Dr's practice. His Dr is out of town,
and the substitute Dr thinks it has something to do with his thyroid-
Also, she continually stated that he needs to talk to his Dr. You think?
He needs someone to look at the whole picture and help us
straighten things out.
That Dr visit was pretty much a waste, hope the blood work is more successful.
He also had a very hard time getting down the carpeted halls, really could have used some help pushing.Iwanted to leave work early and meet him there but it didn't work out.
He took a two and half hour nap after supper.
Our wonderful grandson Isaac loves to go with his Papa
and is a great help pushing his chair, sure could have used him.
Isaac is an encouragement period.
Dwight is cold (normal anymore) but very much normal, no head fog. Tremors
very, very slight. Pain never leaves, but it should be worse with current
low front pressuring us.

Snow, beautiful snow.
We have about 8", unlike many other parts of the state and nation,
ours is much easier to deal with. I have some shoveled and more to do soon.
What I don't like is that when it starts to melt I'll spend allot of time mopping in the basement because of the stream that is the result of the
extremely poor work done
by the contractors (who disappeared) that did repairs after
the windstorm in September 2008.
But I am loving the beauty of it all. I miss New York.


jen said...

more snow today :) does it feel like NY yet?? so happy to hear about Esther-Faith, and hope that PapaD hears some good news soon!!

Anonymous said...
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