Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Woke this morning slightly after 6AM, or we could say after 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep, by a sound that told me I just had some extra work added to my day. I wasn't overjoyed, nor was Dwight as those two hours of sleep were part of our total of 3 hours.

It seems Dwight has some type of infection that is causing all kinds of extra problems. I do believe he is finally willing to call a Dr about it today. If he remembers. Part of the result of the infection is that he is far from logical. Conversation with him last evening (and into the night) was mostly frustrating, and if you allowed yourself to step back alittle--amusing. He does seem some better this morning. About 7:30 I got him into bed, something we couldn't do last night as he was too weak and had horrid tremors. I tried catching a nap also in my cozy bed, but two cups of coffee--and being more of a morning person keep sleep at bay.

After an hour of enjoying listening to my cat purr in my ear I got up for another cup of good coffee. (Dwight fixes the pot at night so all I do is plug it in in the AM--and he doesn't drink coffee--how sweet is that? Last night he used hot water, couldn't tell me why) The 25 year old percolator decided to test me this morning, as if I didn't have enough stress, it was plugged in but not perking. Then, after my first cup it lost power, even tho it was still plugged in. Unplug, replug--red light--hot coffee. Hope it is only the power cord as they don't make good percolators anymore.


Our granddaughter, Esther Faith, is making good progress, altho she has hit a couple road bumps, I do encourage you to read my daughter Karin's blog as she is doing an excellent job keeping the world posted.

This morning I delighted the beautiful dusting of snow, it is so pretty on the lawn, but the road is clear. I am sorry to say that it is now almost all melted, I am glad I saw it at 6:30 on my way to the coffee pot.

Dwight's problem has been on going, receding and reappearing. It hit last evening shortly before Kristen and her kids were to leave the house. AS his chills got worse and I piled the blankets on and turned up the furnace even more, Aurora got concerned about him. Instead of him praying for Jackson and Aurora before they left they each prayed for Papa. PTL

God is good...


jen said...

praying for you and papaD... and the coffee pot too ;) hope to get to see you soon!

Susan Baum said...

Susie, I keep you both in my thoughts as much as I do Karin, Tim and the kids. The snow WAS beautiful the other morning. I hope what's coming this weekend doesn't cause you too many hardships. Is Papa feeling any better (or at least less bad) yet?

Susan (from Dr. Sams old office)

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