Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Six years ago today our wonderful children helped up pack our belongings into a Uhaul and say goodbye to home we built and raised our children in. Lots of fun times there, now some else is making memories there.

We unpacked and settled in our new 'little' home in town-and started making new, good memories. These new memories have a few more wrinkles in them. Right now Dwight is lying in pain in the same ER I was in two days ago. They have found two huge kidney stones, one for each kidney. Plus all the stuff and goes with it and more. There are no beds for him here.

A very sweet nurse arranged an "okay" for me to go down and see him. It was obvious he was in extreme discomfort, complete with tremors and fever. While I was there they also discovered no empty beds at Riverside or Grant. They were trying Dublin. If they have no room there, I am not sure what is the next option. I am waiting for a text from Kristen, whose cell phone battery is dying.

I am so glad someone finally has discovered what he had been fighting for the last month. As they work on ridding his body of this he will feel better.

Thanks for your prayers.


jen said...

SO glad that Papa D got to the hospital and that there is an answer!! please keep us posted. our prayers continue. i hope to make it out today to see you again. (((HUGS)))

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

Keeping you in our thoughts!

susan baum said...

hugs, kisses and prayers to one of my favorite pastors (bet you didn't know that) and his beloved swedish bride. maybe if the doctors can help papa feel better then mimi will, too. i can only hope as much.