Sunday, February 14, 2010

Papa D Update

Dwight has a bad kidney infection, the result of a very large kidney stone blocking each kidney. They have placed a stint in each tube so that they can drain the infection. He is on strong antibiotics. He will have an ultra sound tomorrow to check on placement. Of course this has messed with his diabetes but they are monitoring that very close and often. They will not do anything about the stones until the infection is gone.

Our family has been wonderful thru this all. Tim has been a trooper, drawing the short straw to take me to and stay with me at the ER. Not many son-in-laws like that, very few, after all he had to put up with me. Karin has been helping her family understand Mimi, and now Papa, being sick so soon after their sister. She also has been doing all she can to make sure have everything I could possibly need for my stay. Sam has constantly tapped his wife's brain to help understand the 'big terms'. Kristen played a great part is helping get her Dad to the ER, staying with him there and they traveling with him to another hospital on the other side of town, returning to her questioning kids this afternoon. (Kristen doesn't do hospitals well). All three have made sure we are on prayer lists. Our amazing God also arranged for my 'adopted' daughter Jen was able to be here when my daughters were not able. Her love and support have been welcome. My family has also been very supportive, encouraging and praying.

The way has worked through this amazing. We are not happy he is in a hospital so far away, but we firmly believe that there is a reason God put him there.

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jen said...

im so glad i could help!!