Saturday, January 23, 2010

What a week

It seemed to be a simple bug.
Esther Faith was sick to her stomach.
But then a fever started, and she became listless,
and the twenty fours were past.
She clearly wasn't getting better,
so the decision was made to head to the ER.
After spending the entire night in the ER and tests, cat scans, etc,
in the morning the Dr's concluded her appendicitis was
ruptured and needed removed.
But they couldn't do it till after Noon.
No operating rooms were open.
After the surgery Tim and Karin were informed it was really full of infection.
Her shunt was now externalized because her stomach had infection in it.
It looked like she would be in the hospital 4-5 weeks.
But Faith is strong, a real fighter.
Clear liquid diet moved very quickly to a full diet.
Talk of replacing her shunt Thursday really encouraged everyone.
Then this morning...........
a secondary infection,
a need to open her up and clean it out
but it wasn't so simple
--it worse than expected and another surgery
is scheduled for early Sunday morning.
God is good all the time and He is in control,
but how hard it is to place it all in His hands and not worry.
Please pray for our dear family.


jen said...

she is at the top of my prayer list!!!

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

I know we keep telling Karin and Tim that we are here if they need anything, but we are here for you and Dwight too!