Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who will make the coffee?

One of my favorite speakers/authors, Margaret Jensen wrote, "Who will wind the clock?" Borrowing from her, I sit in my very silent house, the only sounds being the dripping shower head and the quartz clock on the living room wall.

No sounds from the kitchen of my husband preforming his nightly rituals., First of all, making a pot of coffee for the morning. No mind you, my husband doesn't drink coffee. Not at all. Not even one little sip. But every night he prepares the pot for the morning brew, carefully getting every thing right for me. All I do is plug in the pot, first thing--even before the poor dancing dog gets let out.

Who will make the coffee as my husband lies in a too small, uncomfortable hospital bed?

When I left at midnight they were still getting him prepared for tomorrow. They didn't put the IV in until 11:15PM. We got there at 4:00--long story--mostly, hurry, get here, but we(the hospital) aren't ready.

Guess I'll go make the coffee in my too quiet house.


hennhouse said...

That was just hauntingly beautiful, Mom.

Love you.

jen said...

ohhh... hugs to you susie!! and to papa D!!

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

Hope all goes well, and Dwight is home to make more coffee soon!

thenn said...

Praying, praying, praying. . .Sending love and prayers from Illinois!