Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It isn't Indain Summer, it hasn't frosted.
It's not Fall, it is in the high 70s and low 80s.
The tomatoes are blooming and setting fruit,
the mums are reblooming,
the mint is going to seed and looking puzzled.
The grass still needs mowed.
And it is October 15th,
the windows are open
and the furnace isn't running.


Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

Have been feeling the same way. I think fall is going to really jump out at us later this week!

susan said...

i'm sure not going to complain, susie. i have basked in the beauty of every minute of this fall so far. it is giving us an opportunity to utilize our new food dehydrator (thanks for the early Christmas gift, mom!) on tomatoes, habaneros and green peppers. the other night i went to bed and the house smelled like tomato soup!

again, i'm not going to argue with the weather gods. i say keep them confused.