Thursday, October 23, 2008

Coming Home

Dwight called. They have released him to come home.
COTA Mainstream is picking him up at 2:30.

they have been successful in reducing his calcium levels, and
therefore the creatainine (sp?) levels are still up.
No, they don't know why.
They have tested for everything: cancer; lung disease;
and everything in between.
To back up--Tuesday they moved him to a newer building.
Supposedly with a
handicap bathroom. Don't think they understand
what a truly handicap person
needs in a bathroom. Like handicap bars that are
near the toilet. A toilet that
can be accessed from a wheelchair.
But they did get Dwight a terrific bed. They had to rent it,
it is unbelievable.
So is the cost--$10,000. Yes, $10,000.
Guess I won't be buying one.
But he is coming home.
I will let you know what is next....
to all you wonderful family and friends who have sent
prayers and good wishes to and for us. Dwight and I
and our family
all greatly appreciated it.


hennhouse said...

There is always a bit of bad news with any good news, isn't there.

Still praying.

Sam said...

My friend's Mom had one of those beds. Crazy, aren't they? I'm glad Dad gets to come home, problem solved or not.

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

So glad he is home again! I hope they discover the source of what ails him soon.