Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Frustration Part III

Another Dr visit, with a Dr Dwight hasn't seen in three years. A review of all the reports of the last three months, results, etc. A comment, (not exact words), I don't think I would have rushed into the kidney biopsy. And alot of your challenges are from the (unnecessary) meds. AND, I don't wonder that you are feeling down, being stuck in the house--alone-- with this would make anyone depressed. The Dr told Dwight that he believes he did the right thing taking himself off the meds that didn't seem to be helping, but rather causing more problems.

I wonder at my husband. I don't know how he keeps going. Don't know how he doesn't totally crack. (Yes, he is a little cracked, always has been, that's him). He doesn't sleep more that a total of two hours at a time, sometimes only an hour. Often it is dozing in the wheelchair, how he doesn't fall out, I don't know. Rarely does he get good, refreshing sleep. When a four hour sleep happens it is time for rejoicing. I know I couldn't handle it. I have proof. Two weeks ago he had a REAL bad night and had me awake every hour, or hour and a half. (Now mind you I don't wake easy after I am asleep--think I was sleep walking part of the time.) Anyhow, the next day wasn't easy for me and those around me. And Dwight does it every day. Any one have a spare crown I can have?

Rather than frustration, we should be thankful for his ability to function close to normal.

Thanks for listening.


Sam said...

Kudos to him for listening to his own body. I know his ears are getting old but it's only common sense that more and more and more and more meds are going to cause problems. I truly believe God gave Doctors abilities to do what's best for their patients. I'm not so sure he created pharmaceutical people though. Finding a happy blend will always be a struggle. I can say that my conversation with Dad the other day was one of the best I've had with him in a long time. And if that was because a few of the meds were working out of his system, I rejoice he made that decision.

thenn said...

Wow, we will keep the prayers coming. It is sometimes so hard to know the right path, lucky God is always willing to lead if we will follow.