Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ok, just what is going on?????

Dwight went for his quarterly blood work on Friday morning. It also included some tests as follow up to his kidney biopsy. At supper time his regular Dr called and inquired as to how he was feeling, really stressing that question with the suggestion that if he was feeling really bad maybe he should be in the hospital. Just how did Dwight feel? Other than the constant pain, fine. Just Fine, thank-you. Why? Oh, your numbers are bad again.

Hm-m-m-m.... And we want to retest you on Monday. Of course that didn't happen, you can't schedule a ride Friday night for Monday morning. And he said so. But Monday afternoon the Dr called--why wasn't there any blood work done. Hm-m-m-m...

Off Tuesday morning for repeat blood work.
And now it will be repeated again this Friday.

The numbers are still the same--high. And the kidney Dr say he should be sick. No appetite (not a problem, Dwight is eating normal -- unlike earlier this summer.) and he should be experiencing a whole list of other problems. The Dr doesn't understand why Dwight is feeling ok. Let me tell you, if he felt like the Dr described she won't know he was sick because he wouldn't have gone in for his blood work. Don't you love how things work?

So now he is flushing his system with excessive liquids and another new RX.
If that doesn't work, then a hospital stay for intense flushing.

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hennhouse said...

Did they give you a diagnosis?! Some name to describe the "high numbers?" You must feel so frustrated.