Friday, October 31, 2008

Good News

Dwight visited the lab on Wednesday to donate more of his blood for science to explore. (Not sure how much more he has left, he donated 20 vials in 3 1/2 days in the hospital--I don't think the fluids they were pumping into him where as much to flush his system as it was to replace blood!)

The results of the blood work was sent to another Dr as Dwight's DR is on vacation. The numbers are looking very good--they are going down faster than they did in the hospital.(They are still above normal) AND that is without the one drug that Dwight is not taking twice a day as prescribed. And he forgets to drink extra water in the afternoon. Praise God.

He is still battling depressed feelings from all this, especially being in the house alone while I am at work. He misses seeing his children and grandchildren and all the friends and interaction he has had in the past. But, he continues to lean on God. And he prays often and much for his family, friends and prayer requests that come his way.

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Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

So glad to hear Dwight is feeling a bit better!