Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Tree is Gone

Seven days ago we sat in the day marvelling
at Gods goodness.
He spared our and the neighbors house from our huge pine.
And now our son in law was here, in the dark removing
the branches that were over the ramp.

What was left of the root after they removed all the smaller roots.

The root hole,

Aurora wants it back so she can play in it.

The root that is still in the ground,

just before it goes under the sidewalk.

Roof damage:

not bad, the gutter is gone, and a slight concave in the corner.


hennhouse said...


Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

That certainly was a big tree. You were quite lucky!

Sam said...

I finally got to watch the video last night. What a crazy site that was.

Sam said...

And that lady that took the video sure did find some creative ways to use the F-word, didn't she. And all in the midst of a pretty intense prayer. At least it seemed like she was praying; she must have called out to God over ten times.