Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still fighting the infection

Last week I had to run a Dwight 'sample' to the lab for testing. Today the Dr called, the infection in the kidney is still there and very, very stubborn. So a new, 14 day, script was sent to the Pharmacy. If Dwight doesn't notice some results in 24-48 hours he is to call the Dr; the next step would be a 'port' and daily visits to the hospital for an infusion of a stronger drug.

Hopefully this will work. He has continued to be weaker and weaker. His sugar levels have been dangerously low in the morning, so one of his pills is being adjusted.

Of course, next Monday is the fall equinox and my husbands weather sensitive body is feeling every inch of the earths change .

Oh, can we add one more thing? The storm has left the plaza where I work without electric till possibly Sunday. So-o-o no work, no pay. I guess we have some more challenges to meet, another opportunity to cry out to God in our weakness and let His strength and wisdom power us. He has , He does and He will. Praise the Lord for His love and care.

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