Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kids will be kids

Kids love to climb, especially trees. And apparently, kids of any age.

Karin stopped by Monday after leaving Esther Faith at Day Care so the boys could see the tree in the day light. And soon all three where in the tree...

Opps, hit the wrong file, but it is cute, so we will leave it in. All the kids think our dog, Deanna, belongs to them. When we acquired Deanna in Sept. 2003, she didn't necessarily like kids, but she (and allot of loving and kids sharing dog biscuits) has changed her mind. She even comes to them if they sit still for more than 10 seconds and gets very, very close.
Tuesday night, when Kristen brought her two to spend the night, they both were fearful of
the tree in the dark. But they quickly changed their minds when they saw it in the
bright September sun. Suddenly it was a new playground.
Altho' cautious, Jackson really enjoyed climbing 'up' the tree.

Aurora was content to sit, no climbing for her.


hennhouse said...

Nice! Too bad it will be gone soon!

Anonymous said...

You have some really cute grandkids.