Monday, September 15, 2008

God and The Tree

When we bought this little house in Columbus it came with a huge short needle pine right outside the kitchen window. It is tall, 40 to 50 feet; quite old with a large assortment of dead branches. And squirrels and birds. We decided to place our bird feeders outside that window, a great spot for watching for both Dwight and the grandchildren (who are always calling me to come see the male bird or the female bird that is feeding, they sometimes where right on the gender issue, other times it was simply a brown colored bird they called a female--another story.)

But as with age we all weaken, as has this tree. We have discussed having it removed and planting something else. Discussed. A few times. Then Ike visited town.

I left work early cuz the high winds had played havoc with our electric and the registers refused to work. I drove down our street to view the front door that my husband had reported as flying freely on it's hinges, I noticed half the neighborhood staring at our house. There was our tree with a lean to, not a slight lean, but a rather mean lean. I tried to hurry, but neighbors where flagging me down and our alley was full of trash cans and broken limbs. Three stops and with help from the neighbors I got home. I was warned to move my husband to the right side of the living room. One neighbor told me the tree was pulling up from the ground.

I cautiously walked up the ramp with a eye on the swaying pine.

Inside I couldn't find my husband, panic rose in my throat. I called, he as in the study. I informed him of the outside happenings. (Like he wouldn't know) Ran back to window, peaked out, yea, the ground was swelling with each strong gust. And the tree moved closer and closer to the neighbors house. I ran back to the husband, PRAY!!! I am!! So calm--doesn't he feel my panic?!?! Back to the window, more ground swell. Called the neighbors to tell them to move out of their living room--no answer. Back to my husband--


The Tree Came Down.

I have a cell phone video from a neighbor across the street, if you would like to see it email me at and I forward it to you.


hennhouse said...

And it missed your house. And it missed the neighbor's house. Amen. And amen.

Swedish Mama said...

And we have had dozen of opportunties to witness to God goodness since, which was Dwight's prayer after the tree landed.

A neighbor across the alley was telling about a large limb missing his pick up and how lucky he was. I told him my husbands prayers were alittle bigger than we needed and protected him too.

Sam said...

You didn't tell me you saw it leaning. CRRRRAAAAAZZZZZZZZY. Thanks for the pics.

Anonymous said...

God sure knows how to land em!
well placed!

that looks like a lot of fire wood.

Swedish Mama said...

Sam: which is why I suggested you not have the volume on while viewing. A neighbor across the alley was telling how a huge branch missed his Ranger by a couple inches. I told him my Husbands prayers strecthed out to him too. Another neighbor two houses down came and told me that Dwight's prayer kept his ash tree from spliting completely and hitting his house and garage.