Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Frustration, Part II

The new drug to fight the 'bug' messes with the mind and the bladder. As Dwight is constantly tired and drugged, he doesn't always understand or remember what I tell him. And it is so hard to not get angry, after all, most of the time he is a normal male. Dwight decided to stop the super antibiotic and has returned to close to normal. He is still very tired, but who won't be if you only slept an hour or two at time and then were awake for 20-30 minutes? All night, every night? But it takes him so long to do everything that it frustrates both of us, and you know how that can affect a relationship. He hasn't been able to get a hold of the Dr that prescribed the meds, hopefully tomorrow. The infection may still be lurking in there.

But the tree is gone and the insurance company says, "Get the ramp and roof fixed!!!!" (Hey, how about a new tree?)

Jackson and Aurora are spending the night, and their soft breathing on the other side of this room is so sweet. I have five wonderful grandchildren. If you haven't stopped by Karin's blog do so, she has some great pics of my two grandsons playing soccer. They sure to love it and are good at it. Esther Faith loves to walk in the store where I work, making sure I know she is there, and then takes off to 'shop'. Kristen's computer is giving her fits so she hasn't been able to update lately, sorry.


hennhouse said...

Still praying, Mom.

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

We are thinking about you daily. Please keep us updated.