Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet Pears

We, mostly Dwight, have eaten pears from both of our trees. The Bartlett are all off the tree and almost too ripe. No, I didn't get any pie made. Some how when you get older you have fewer hours in the day--or is it energy--or.... Anyhow, they have been greatly enjoyed. This noon Aurora ate a small one, sized just right for her. She was hesitant to bite it, but soon got going. It was so juicy that a loudly protested shower followed. Aurora wasn't overly fond of the pear, but was pleased to be eating Papa's fruit from Papa's tree.

We also have sampled the Moonglow pear, it has a different taste. I enjoyed it more than the Bartlett. Can't wait for next year, hopefully the Ayers tree will also bless us with fruit. Fruit trees: beauty in the spring, shade in the summer and fruit in the fall. (Also, our birds enjoy sitting in them and singing for us.)

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