Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good News---1, 2, 3

1)--Dwight's wound care Dr may be good, but he is definitely lacking in good bedside manners. He has a very black and white personality, with 'the glass is half full' thrown in for good message. So, altho he does a good job with Dwight's wound, he rarely gives encouragement--only commands--often unreasonable commands. Until last time, Dwight has been doing all he can to keep unnecessary pressure off the wound--and it is working. Dr Woundcare says it is shrinking, and could be healed in six months.

2)--Dwight has had two failed fistulas placed in his left arm. Finally a Dr did vein mapping and a third one was put in. Today, two weeks ahead of schedule, they started using it with success. They can only use it for one direction of the dialysis for two weeks, but it was successful for all four hours today.

3)--Saturday, Tim & Karin, Tim parents, Dot & Bruce, Kristen and her friend Derek and all five children attacked the wheelchair ramp. They totally striped the deck off and did reconstruction on the landing outside the kitchen door, enlarging it to measurements Dwight requested for easier turning around to get into the house. There is new deck plywood from top to bottom and the bottom has an improved foundation. Sunday the Henn's returned and worked on the down spouts and clean up. It is wonderful. How can I ever say enough thanks to all of them? Karin took tons of pictures has posted some of them on her blog: hennhouse.blogspot.com. Check them out. (Now it needs to stop raining so the basement dries out and the wood dries enough to paint it. Anyone have an idea when that will be?)


Kristen said...

July... They said on the new last night that it will be wet until or through July. I'm not sure if it was until or through because my brain went into freeze mode or shock at the thought of very little corn on the cob this summer because the farmers can't plant their crops! The kids and I will paint it once the wood dries! It'll be great fun!!!

Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

Glad Dwight is making progress. I sure wish the rain would stop too! We will have to plan a trip to Columbus soon for a visit!