Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two days--few answers.

I can not begin to express the extreme frustrations of the last two days. When the Nursing Home call and said they needed to send Dwight to the hospital I never dreamt the fight we would have with hospital staff.

I knew immediately, from the description of Dwight's behavior, that he had another infection. My fear was, and still is, that there are more kidney stones.

But, because of his difficulty speaking in clear sentences, they treated him as if he was off his rocker. I understand that alot of what they did is standard for cases as this, but really, please listen to the spouse, or whoever that knows them best. I told them many times that this is normal for him when he has a bad infection. I really felt like getting a tape recorder and just hitting play, rewind, play, rewind, play......

After about an hour & a half (during which they did a head CAT scan, I am sure all his marbles are still there, and chest xray) they took a urine sample, one of the tests clearly showed a UTI. The other had to culture for 48 hours. They gave him two antibiotics by IV. Then they did another CAT scan, we were told it was of his abdominal region. We found out yesterday (Friday) that it was a chest CAT, with dye, looking for blood clots that could be breaking loose and causing his speech problems. When the kidney Doctor discovered the use of dye he was not happy, dye is hard on dialysis patients.

I, in turn, was again not happy that they continued to treat Dwight's symptoms as if he had a stroke or some other brain damage. Just treat the infection so the infection doesn't cause more damage. It was several months before we (the family) saw the effects of the infection from a year ago have less and less influence in Dwight's thinking. He is pretty much back to 'good ole Papa D'.

I was forced to confront a nurse who was being condescending to Dwight's situation and my requests. She would cut me off and let me know whatever I had to say was worthless and they would handle everything as they saw fit. It was not all sweetness, but she needed to know that we have a bigger picture than her little chart and her judgements. An air mattress (which Dwight must have, and has had at this hospital before--it is in the records and can be looked up) was ordered and delivered within two hours. And she became a person and treated me as one. We stilled had a couple small battles, especially when she tried to interpret a Doctors orders her way, going as far as to get a house doctor to write the orders her way (after all, what the kidney doctor wanted didn't make sense to her).. I insisted they do as prescribed. The first doctor was called---and followed.

At this point is seems Dwight as a rare bladder infection that needs an antibiotic by IV every 48 hours. Other tests, cultures are 'growing' and we didn't hear what the kidney CAT scan showed.

They did do dialysis today, and the tech/Dr did not use his fistula, said it is a very sloppy one. The people at his regular dialysis are very happy with it. His ports only worked for about 3 hours and they want to replace them, but did not do so today. I don't understand why some professionals think they are they only ones that can do a good job and criticise others in their own field.

Dwight is clear minded again and just wants to go back to Mill Run. I hope they can so Monday.

Thanks to all who have prayed for Dwight and who have inquired about him.
God is answering your prayers, and we are praying for blessings for your compassion to us.


Swedish Mama said...

I will be glad when blogger fixed this latest round of problems. I hit post on this Saturday night. But instead it went to drafts. Then when it did post this Sunday AM it was altered in it's form. At least we can post after Friday's non working status.

jen said...

oh susie... i cant believe you had to go through all of that. i am so sad for you. hugs and prayers continued your way!!

Lucia said...

I am so sorry your husband and you had to go through this with the incomptent nurses and doctors at the hospital. I hope he gets back to Mill Run asap. I hope his infection heals! I've had many bladder and kidney infections and they suck! They make me very sick, sick enough to throw up. They make me miserable. So I know how he feels! Hang in there, the both of you two! *hugs* Take care!