Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh...and number 4 and a frown.

My dear husband often has times of forgetfulness. An unfortunate result of the massive infection. I try to remember (like to think he shared some of his forgetfulness with me, he has always been like that. If any of you believe that is why I forget things you will definitely move up my list of favorite people.) Any how, I have several prompt questions I try to ask him each day so I am aware of all that is going on, including phone calls and visits.

# 4) Earlier this week he told me, "Oh, I started therapy last week." Really, last week?!?!?!

At this point, his therapy is relearning to sit on the edge of the bed. It is slow, as he gets dizzy and needs to learn to balance himself. He also is flexing his arm and shoulder muscles in the sitting posistion. He has new pain from that. The therapist is quite happy, stating he is quite motivated. We all know that.

The wound care Dr will closely watch his wound. If it appears it is slowing, or reversing the healing process the sitting time, and/or frequency will be reduced.

Frown: My dear children have been planning a nice Mother's Day celebration, including a surprise visit from Sam. But unfortunately I have to work all weekend, including 10-7 on Sunday (the end of a seven day stretch). Sam has decided not to come since he would hardly see me. Aurora is quite bummed about that, as I am sure the rest of grandkids are, they love their Uncle Sam and visits with him.

Think I will go buy myself a nice hanging basket for Dwight to give me....


Sam said...

I'd never miss a Mother's Day!!! Surprise.

Kristen said...

YAY!!!! Well Done Sam!!! And it was great to see you!!!

Lucia said...

I hope Dwight's wound continues to heal and that his physical therapy will help him, and that he can sit up without getting dizzy. What will happen after the two weeks with the new fistula in his arm? You said in your previous post that it could only be used in one direction for two weeks. My friend is also a dialysis patient (has been one for 20+ years) had to have a new fistula made on one of her legs after using her arms for years, the doctors were afraid that she would roll over while sleeping and smash it and bleed out, so they made a new fistula on one of her legs and tied the old one off and it's gone now. Anyway I hope he is still on the road to recovery and returns home soon. He must have been in the nursing home for about a year, am I correct? That is a long time to be away from home. I imagine he can't be very comfortable being away from home, being away from his familiar surroundings. He is in my thoughts. I wish you a Happy belated Mother's Day!