Thursday, May 12, 2011

Surprises--Good and Bad

Saturday (before Mother's Day) I took Jackson and Aurora shopping. First to Bath and Body to get a couple of things to spoil myself. Then off to the nursery.

So much to look at, so very much. Both children enjoyed all the beauty. Trying to find something for the kids to get their mother was proving interesting as both had their own ideas, until we found a yellow rose bush. We carefully checked each one for the best one. Kristen was very surprised. And happy.

Surprise #1) they decided that Kiki and Mimi needed flowers also and they carefully examined the pansy baskets and bought us each one. Pansies are one of my favorites.

Surprise #2) as we were enjoying an early lunch there was a loud knock at the front door--there stood my grinning son with two beautiful hanging baskets for me. Thought he wasn't coming, but he loves surprising me and he can't stand missing mother's day. We spent a couple hours trimming my trees, they look like a pro did them!

Surprise #3) All three of my children and all five grandchildren visited me at work.

Surprise #4) A couple of weeks ago I brought a praying mantis cocoon in the house (in a bug jar). Yesterday I discovered hundreds of tiny, mantis in the jar. We let them go on my beautiful lilac bush last evening. When we checked on them this morning they had grown and were already changing from a dull brown to a light green.

Surprise #5) Jackson, who doesn't like bugs on him, let one walk all over his hand, with pleasure. Kristen has pictures.

Surprise #6) I am composing this in an ER room at Grant. Last evening my sweetheart was very tired, this morning the Nursing home was not happy with Dwight's inability to answer simple questions, we are. Waiting for test results.


Kristen said...

I'll put up pictures as soon as possible!

Lucia said...

The kitty is so cute!!!