Thursday, April 28, 2011

Modern Wonders

Having celebrated my half century birthday (and then some), I have seen alot of wonderful technical inventions. At the time of my birth computers had been invented but even at the time of my high school graduation they were still so new that only a few select colleges offered courses in computer education. (And to think I turned down the opportunity to go to one....)

Now we have so many wonderful devices. I sit here with my net book on my lap, my smart phone beside me, watching my flat screen TV. I can blog, send email and comment on face book. Wonderful inventions God has blessed us with enabling us to instantly communicate with friends and to be reunited with people we have lost touch with. People who where important parts of our life, but the years removed our connections.

Today such a reunion took place. I opened my email and found a questionable email. The subject was 'praying for you'. The email address was one I had never seen before. Since I have gotten 'spam' emails responding to my blogs in the past I thought this was another--it sure had the earmarks. I debated with myself, not wanting to get a virus or an email with content I really didn't want to read. I opened it, am thankful I did. It was from a young lady Dwight and I knew in the late 70's, a dear friend of the Shirey family. She now follows our blogs and prays for us daily. What a blessing.


Jeff and Melissa Blair said...

I agree! I love that I can stay connected with so many people that I normally wouldn't because of the wonderful technology. I hope you are doing well, Susie.

jen said...

how neat, susie!