Friday, April 1, 2011

Stitches Out

Finally, after a couple postponements, Dwight had the stitches removed from his vein surgery on his arm. It went much smoother and way less painful than the nurses had told him it would be because of the delay.

They listened to vein and are very pleased. His Dr at dialysis will keep an eye on it and he may not need to go back to the Dr. That would be one less (two really) trip by transport!!!!

Everything else seems to just running on an even keel. We pray for it to continue. The bedsore continues to heal, bringing physical therapy closer. Physical therapy will be long and hard, but Dwight is determined.

Dwight's roommate left last week, hopefully he has been reunited with his wife and is feeling better at his daughters home.

Dwight is really enjoying his Kindle, he is so happy he can read the Scriptures again. He also watches alot of DVDs on his portable DVD player. I just ordered him two more seasons of one his favorite TV programs. And of course, NCIS reruns are on all the time.

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Kristen said...

I'm glad they finally got those stiches out!!!
He was in a great mood when I saw him yesterday! Seemed almost like his old self. It's nice to see him like that! Very encouraging!

Love You Mom!